Our Solution

  • Our breakthrough and robust NTS solution can mimic thousands of genuine communication channels & devices by producing synthetic traffic into your existing network environment enabling you to validate, benchmark and certify the speed and performance of the network infrastructure without additional hardware.
  • TrueTraffik NTS is engineered to craft and fine-tune every field of every protocol at every network layer (Layer 2 to Layer 7) to generate variety of data packets as per IEEE / IETF / ISO standard protocols.
  • TrueTraffik accomplishes Network Infrastructure quality testing a variety of Layer2-Layer3 equipment like Network Cards, Transceivers, Twisted Pair / Copper wire Cables, Fiber Optic Cables, Ethernet Switches, Bridges, Repeaters etc.
  • TrueTraffik is proficient in testing Internet service providers / Enterprise routers.
  • TrueTraffik is featured to perform Network Load / stress / functional testing by sending burst of Ethernet, VLAN, IPv4, IPv6, Stateful / stateless TCP, OSPFv2, OSPFv3, ISIS, BGP, ICMP, ARP, DDoS and Customized Raw packets via wired legacy / high speed Ethernet Interfaces along with Jumbo frame support.
  • Graphical, time-stamped log and CSV based reports

What We Do

Solution Provided by TrueTraffik

Network Traffic Simulator (NTS)
for Ethernet & IPv4/IPv6

TrueTraffik NTS is engineered to craft and fine-tune every field of every protocol at every network layer (Layer 2 to Layer 7) to generate a variety of data packets as per IEEE / IETF / ISO protocol standards.

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Network Traffic Simulator (NTS)
for ISP Enterprise Routers

TrueTraffik is proficient in testing Internet service providers / Enterprise Routers to generate state based OSPF, ISIS, BGP protocol standards.

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Network Traffic Simulator (NTS) Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT)

Comprehensive and fully automated Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) simulating attack environment by replaying payload with Malicious content.

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Wireless NTS

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Telecom NTS

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Client/Server NTS

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Standards Implemented for layer2 & layer3

Standards Implemented for ISP Enterprise Routers NTS

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT)

  • Easy to run regular vulnerability assessment & penetration test.
  • Intelligent to scrutinize your network and identify potential defects.
  • Get insights to shield your organization before any cyber-attack targets.
  • Attack patterns are re-played effortlessly to simulate the attack environment.
  • Engineered to protect sensitive information, intellectual property, and reputation.

Use Case

Network Infrastructure Validation

TrueTraffik network infrastructure validation that supports the computerised system also needs to be qualified/validated. Individual components are qualified then the network as a whole is validated.

ISP Router Testing

TrueTraffik ISP Router testing check the speed of your Wi-Fi network, it can help you ensure your router is enabling you to get the maximum capacity from your internet connection.

OEM Testing

TrueTraffik OEM testing simulator enables the R&D as well as manufacturing unit to ensure that the commercial product is capable of managing traffic as per the set industry norms.

Solution Integrator

TrueTraffik SI testing package enables SI to deliver well designed/trust-worthy & real time tested system solutions.

Security Attack Analysis

TrueTraffik security attack analyzer validates the existing perimeter level security infrastructure capacity to benchmark performance against any vulnerable attacks in the digital world.

Our Features

Serving IT Network Business Community

Traffic simulated by TrueTraffik NTS will be in absolute obedience to the configuration & customer expectation. Every Input in the configuration is processed for generating high quality synthetic / artificial traffic. Standards mentioned have been meticulously adhered as per the set standards.

End-to-End genuine client server communication will be mimicked without operational dependency on hardware.

Our licensed SaaS based solution helps you save lab infrastructure by reusing the already existing IT resources.

Traffic Range 1-100 Gbps

Infinite amount of artificial traffic can be simulated

Ease of use

Just 10-15 clicks to configure, execute & get the results for the entire test case

Highly Accurate

Fine Granular Control on Every Field of Every Protocol at Every Network Layer (Layer-2 to Layer-7)

SaaS Product

Perpetual License solution - 100% Software-based

Zero Maintainance

No recurring operation & maintenance cost

Go Green

100% TrueTraffik NTS = 0% Recycling + 0% Emission

Industry Norms

100% Standards & Protocols functionality infused

Real-time Validation

All the results simulated are real time

Ubuntu Platform

Exhilarated over Open-Source Ubuntu 22.xx

Reduced Man-Hour

No-scripting requirement for Automation Testing

Backward Compatibility

Full support for Legacy Devices

Intuitive Console

Highly Optimized Dashboard requires minimal KT

Separate Multi-Timeline

Multiple protocol stacks can have Multiple-Independent Timelines

Jumbo frames

Unlimited support to the set frame size of the OEM

Preparing For Your Success
With TrueTraffik NTS

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